It integrates bonded services, export processing, bonded logistics, and port functions, and is mainly engaged in international transit, distribution, procurement, re-export trade, bonded warehousing, bonded display transactions, cross-border e-commerce, acting as an agent for industrial and commercial registration, qualifying enterprises for foreign trade, customs clearance and inspection and cargo transportation, property management, asset management, etc. It also has the first designated supervision site for imported meat in Gansu.


1、Bonded Warehousing

The Group operates 40,000 square meters of standardized warehouses, including cold chain warehouses, e-commerce warehouses, normal temperature warehouses, and comprehensive warehouses for basic storage operations such as cargo handling, haulage, storage, and short-distance freight service. Goods like imported wine, agricultural equipment, meat, etc. have been distributed to various places after storage. The Group innovates operation model and introduces the first non-bonded storage business ---Haidilao food ingredients distribution center, which has fully realized the comprehensive distributive functions.


2、Bonded Logistics

By integrating transportation and distribution resources, improving standardized operation capacity and warehousing utilization efficiency, the Group has cooperated with JD Logistics and built CTLI Group · JD cloud warehouses and started distribution business. Covering an area of 400,000 square meters, it provides short distance freight service. The Group was appraised as " International Freight Forwarding Enterprise of Gansu" by the Ministry of Commerce and a member of CIFA Association in March 2019, which will help the Group strengthen exchanges and cooperation with member companies across the country and share industry resources. It will also improve industry dynamics and the availability of effective information.


3、Bonded Processing

Relying on the existing designated meat supervision site and cold chain warehouse resources of the imported meat in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone, the company operates processing and distribution center of imported meat and aquatic product, aiming at creating an integrated and complete imported meat and food industry chain. At the same time, the bonded processing industries, such as wood, grain, electronic products, and national costumes, have been introduced, which has promoted the zone to gradually develop into a diversified industrial chain.