The Group is mainly responsible for the operation and management of Zhongchuan North Station Logistics Park, Operation zone in Lanzhou New Area Railway Port, Lanzhou New Area Customs Supervision Site, which integrates planning, development, construction, investment, service and operation.


1、Logistics Park of Zhongchuan North Station in Lanzhou New Area

The logistics park of Zhongchuan North Railway Station in Lanzhou New Area is a modern logistics project of Lanzhou New Area listed on the 13th Five-Year Plan. The planned total area of the park is 12,000 mu, and the completed area is 4,000 mu. With loading and unloading capacity up to 14 million tons, 6 railway lines have been built. 

The park has now completed cargo operation areas for special, large and heavy goods, a packaging operation area, a railway port operation area, a container operation area, a customs supervision area, a northwest nonferrous metal delivery warehouse and related living areas. In addition, the steel distribution center of Zhongchuan North Station in Lanzhou New Area, the Northwest Imported Wood Processing Industrial Park, and the soda distribution center in the Northwest have been put into operation. The goods in international train "Lanzhou" are assembled, inspected, distributed and shipped here.


2、International Supply Chain Management 

The Group has been carrying out five characteristic businesses of international trains, special cargo vehicles, container logistics, bulk vehicle and multimodal transport. International freight trains radiate the Eurasian continent, and provide the surrounding integrated enterprises, construction units and merchants with freight forwarding, commerce, warehousing, distribution, loading and unloading, transportation, packaging, processing and other "integrated" logistics business hosting services and logistics solutions. On July 12, 2018, the Group's management system was certified by ISO9000 quality management system and obtained the certificate. In 2019, a total of 117 international trains will be launched, covering Central Europe and Central Asia.


3、Operation Zone of Lanzhou New Area Railway Port 

The operation zone of Lanzhou New Area Railway Port is the core functional area in the logistics park of Zhongchuan North Station. It mainly conducts the assembly, handling, distribution and warehousing transactions of container cargo.


4、Designated Supervision Site for Imported Grains

The designated supervision site for imported grains in Lanzhou New Area is the only site for imported grains in Gansu province and is an important demonstration base for multimodal transport in Lanzhou New Area. The project utilizes railway port, freight lines and stations to handle, transport, store, inspect, quarantine, fumigate, incinerate and supervise. The site has managed to import, process and distribute Russian flax seeds and barley from Kazakhstan.