The company owns complete import and export qualifications, actively integrates into the "Belt and Road" layout of overseas warehouses, conducts trade transactions, establishing cooperative relations with suppliers in Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other countries. It has also established in-depth cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises such as Chinalco, Xiamen Jianfa, Gansu Public Aviation Travel Group, Jinchuan Company, Datang Power, Guoneng Power and so on. A mature and stable diversified international trade business system has been formed. At present, the international trade business of mineral products, wood, fruits, meat, seafood, chilled aquatic products, wine and other snack foods has been carried out. In 2018, the Group won the honorary title of "Foreign Trade Emerging Enterprise in Gansu Province ".


 Cross-border E-commerce

As the only operator of the cross-border e-commerce customs supervision center in Gansu Province, the company operates the cross-border merchandise display area, e-commerce warehouse and cross-border e-commerce customs under special supervision area. Meanwhile it also uses self-owned e-commerce online platform to carry out the sales of internationally renowned imported products, such as maternal care and infant products, daily beauty and other cosmetics. This model has improved the entire industry chain of purchase, sales and transportation, and created a cross-border e-commerce industrial park in Lanzhou New Area.