Aiming at improving infrastructure construction and public services in Lanzhou New Area, the Group has developed diversified businesses such as asset leasing, advertising, gas stations operating, taxis running, and supermarkets.

1Shop Leasing

It operates the Rainbow City Community section B of Lanzhou New Area and the Comprehensive Markets, with a total construction area of about 1 million square meters. It is located in the administrative cultural business center of Lanzhou New Area, including building materials, furniture, hardware, electrical machinery, lighting decoration, department stores, display transactions and business services. Adjacent to the main road of the Area, it can radiate many surrounding living and commercial areas. It has great potential for appreciation and good market prospects. Up to now, the occupancy rates of shops in the first and second floors of Rainbow City Community Section B has reached 100%.


2、Lanzhou New Area Wholesale Center of Imported Commodities

Relying on geographical advantages of Lanzhou New Area, the Wholesale  Center has introduced first-hand goods from Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America, etc. There are 10 characteristic halls showing and selling specialties from Europe, Germany, Canada, Iran, Japan. The independently developed E-commerce Platform Software of the center was authorized Registration of Computer Software Copyright and currently act as the only professional e-commerce platform in Gansu Province which can practice bonded warehouse storage. All cities and municipalities simultaneously open franchise stores and sell imported commodities through a combination of online and offline. The Wholesale Center is committed to provide full-category, one-stop shopping to meet the needs of high-end consumers in five northwestern provinces.


Automobiles-related Supportive Services

This sector mainly involves in investment, construction and operation of gas stations, providing gasoline, diesel, natural gas, charging piles, maintenance and convenience services. Up to now, gas stations on Mountain Emei Road, Mountain Tai Road, Science and Education Park have been put into operation, which can meet the fuel and gas needs of all vehicles in Lanzhou New Area.


3Taxi Services

 This Sector mainly engaged in taxi operation, vehicle leasing, driver training, automobile maintenance and parts management, automobile dealership, second-car sales and comprehensive performance testing of motor vehicles. It currently has 150 cruising taxis. All vehicles are equipped with unified models, signs, freight rates, Beidou GPS navigation system. All the cars can be called through ride-hailing applications. A "Lei Feng Fleet", composed of 35 taxi drivers, was set up and became a shiny business card in Lanzhou New Area.