As the first class motor vehicle repair enterprise in Lanzhou New Area, it is a fixed-point repair organization for parallel imported automobiles in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone. It integrates vehicle sales, repair and maintenance, modification, spare parts monopoly, decoration, auto finance, second-hand car transactions and other services. In one, it is committed to providing a full range of "one-stop" after-sales service for car owners. The operation of the commercial investment port has filled the gap in the after-sales service market for parallel imported automobiles in the northwest region.


Northwest Distribution Center for Imported Automobiles in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone

The Northwest Distribution Center adheres to its business philosophy, cooperates with high quality vehicle traders and builds six major distribution centers integrating, purchasing and marketing in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Shanghai, Changsha, Lanzhou and other places. The models on sale include parallel imported cars, joint venture cars, domestic cars and new energy vehicles, etc., with the auto trade volume amounting to 720 million yuan.

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