1. Lanzhou New Area Commerce Trade and Logistics Investment Group Co., Ltd was officially established.

2. The CPC Committee of Lanzhou New Area Commerce Trade and Logistics Investment Group was established.

3. The first special train, loaded with asphalt containers, reached the Zhongchuan North Station in Lanzhou New Area.

4. The first Designated Inspection Site for imported meat in Lanzhou New Area, Gansu province, went through the inspection successfully by AQSIQ.

5. The first project-The Construction of Zhuzhong Railway- went into operation.

6. China-Europe freight train “Lanzhou”, loaded with timbers, reached Lanzhou Zhongchuan Railway Port.

7. Northwest distribution center for imported automobiles in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone and Distribution Center of Imported Commodities  were put into operation.

8. The second Multimodal Transport Project has been approved by Ministry of Transport and National Development and Reform Commission.

9. The first Designated Inspection Site for imported meat in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone has been approved to operate by AQSIQ.

10. The operational ceremony of new taxis was held.

11. The first business order for imported beef in Gansu province arrived in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone.

12. China-Europe freight train “Lanzhou”, loaded with solar panels, was launched.

13. Zhongchuan North Station Logistics Park in Lanzhou New Area achieved the award -Top 100 Brand Value8 Logistics Parks of the year-in the ceremony for China Logistics Industry “Gold Pegasus” Award 2017.

14. The conference of public bidding for Northwest distribution center for imported automobiles opened grandly.

15. The first congress of Trade Union members was convened; the first committee of Trade Union was established.

16. Ruilingyayuan supermarket of CTLI Group opened for business.

17. At the first China International Import Expo, the representatives of CTLI Group communicated with suppliers from more than thirty countries, such as Germany, Korea, Poland and Ukraine.

18. 200,000-ton aluminum foil production project of Lanzhou New Area Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd stared into construction on December 6th , 2018.

19. The operating income of CTLI Group exceeded 10 billion yuan.

20. CTLI Group was awarded “Top 100 Logistics Enterprises in Western China”.

21. The first designated supervision site for imported grains in Gansu province was established.

22. The operating income of CTLI Group surged to 15 billion yuan, ranking top one in Gansu province.  

23. The first batch of imported mutton from Kazakhstan arrived in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone.

24. April 2018: The first overseas warehouse of Lanzhou New Area was set up in Ulan-Ude, Russia.

August 2018: The overseas warehouse was listed in Islamabad, Pakistan.

December 2018: The overseas warehouse was listed in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

25. Distribution Center of Imported Commodities (Lanzhou branch)officially opened.

26. Real Estate of Zongbaomingyuan developed by CTLI Group opened.

27. The gas station in Science & Education Park went into operation.

28. The sale volume of gas station in Mountain Emei Road exceeded 10,000 tons, which became the top 10 gas stations of CNPC in Lanzhou. The gas station in Mountain Tai Road went into operation on December 24th, 2018.

29. “Dream high, Shining on CTLI Group” --Spring Festival Gala of CTLI Group was held successfully.

30. International halls of Distribution Center of Imported Commodities opened.

31. Distribution Center of Imported Commodities (Tianshui Branch) officially opened.

32. Intermodal trains for New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor was firstly launched in Zhongchuan North Railway Station, Lanzhou New Area.

33. The freight train for imported grains from Kazakhstan arrived in the railway port of Lanzhou New Area.

34. The car express service center --Car Craftman of Huida Asset Management Company went into operation.

35. The application for trademark registration had been approved.

36. The first pulp train “Lanzhou” arrived in Lanzhou New Area.

37. Team building activities -- “Protect environment, Guard Mother River” was carried out.

38. CTLI Group accredited discipline inspection cadres to subsidiary companies.

39. The designated supervision site for imported grains went through the inspection successfully by GAC.

40. CTLI Group had the honor to be awarded “Integrity Enterprise” of Lanzhou New Area.

41. CTLI Group signed a school enterprise cooperation agreement with Gansu Finance and Trade Vocational College.

42. The CPC Committee of CTLI Group held a ceremony to swear in commemorating the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party, with the theme “Review the oath for joining the Party, remember the original mission”.

43. Lanzhou New Area Landun Security Company had signed the share transfer agreement.

44. Timer trains from Russia arrived in Lanzhou.

45. International Business Company (Tianjin branch) officially established.

46. CTLI Group has the honor to award the long-term corporate credit rating of AA.

47. CTLI Group has successfully went through the AAAA level logistics enterprise evaluation.

48. The steel distribution center in Zhongchuan North Station went into operation.

49. The sharing platform of soda storage in Lanzhou New Area went into operation.

50. Imported meat processing center and distribution center in Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone went into operation.

51. Hundreds of new energy vehicles, aiming at green travel, were readily to be distributed.

52. CTLI Group won the basketball championship in the Fifth Sport Meeting of Lanzhou New Area.

53. CTLI Group won the first prize in chorus competition celebrating 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

54. The cross-border e-commerce platform of CTLI Group went into operation.

55. The railway from Zhujiayao to Zhongchuan, one of the major projects in Gansu province, went into operation.

56. The first freight train with imported flax seed from Russia arrived in Lanzhou New Area.

57. The second Multimodal Transport project obtained $400 million loan from New Development Bank of BRICS.

58. The first imported barley fodder train from Kazakhstan arrived in Lanzhou New Area.

59. With the operating income of 36 billion yuan, CTLI Group has ascended to Top 10 state-owned enterprises in Gansu province.

60. CTLI Group participated the second China International Import Expo and signed several cooperation contracts valued 1.5 billion yuan.

61. CTLI Group was awarded "2019 China Logistics Top Ten Growth Enterprises".

62. Lugang Logistics Company obtained two national awards.