Lanzhou New Area Commerce Trade and Logistics Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: CTLI Group) is a large wholly state-owned enterprise directly under the Lanzhou New District Management Committee. It was established in April 2017 with total assets of 18 billion yuan. There are 23 subsidiaries at all levels, bringing in more than 800 talents, including 90% of bachelor's degree or above and 30% of graduate students.

Centering on the main business of trade and logistics, Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group adheres to the overall development strategy of "two high and three doing" of "high-goal guidance, high-quality development, large-scale, solid industry, and strengthening the main industry". Relying on open platforms such as Lanzhou New area Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, railway ports, cross-border e-commerce supervision workplaces, designated supervision sites for imported grain and meat, and northwest non-ferrous metal delivery depots. Mainly engaged in bonded integrated services, China, Europe and Central Asia train operation, warehousing and logistics distribution, international and domestic trade, urban asset management, property security services, non-ferrous metal delivery and trade, aluminum and new materials intensive processing and other businesses.

In terms of strategic layout, Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group insists on having a foothold at home and facing the world, actively integrates the domestic cycle and the international and domestic double cycle, and vigorously develops the physical industry by relying on the advantages of open platform and resources. has cultivated and built a bonded processing industrial park, international and domestic trade and logistics industrial park, green aluminum processing and new materials industrial park, urban mineral circular economy industrial park, air-facing economic industrial park. In order to gather superior resources and promote business development to a new level, Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group has set up professional operators such as Shanghai Office, Xiamen Office and Caofeidian Company. it has realized the industrial development layout throughout Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Fujian Delta and other regions. They have successively set up four overseas warehouses in Russia and Kazakhstan, deeply integrated into the construction of "Belt and Road Initiative", and carried out trade and cooperation with more than 30 countries, including Russia, Germany, Australia, and Argentina. The pace of enterprise development has moved from the mainland to the forefront of China's economic development, to Central Asia, Europe and other countries and regions, and the scope, field and level of opening up to the outside world have been continuously broadened.

In terms of business development, focusing on improving the industrial chain, unblocking the supply chain and upgrading the value chain, Lanzhou New District Commercial Investment Group has successively built an electronic product industrial chain integrating "research and development, production and trade"; wood processing trade industrial chain characterized by overseas logging, bonded processing and overseas export; grain, oil and feed processing industrial chain represented by corn and flaxseed import and bonded processing. Grain, automobile, coal, mineral products, chemical products and other domestic trade industrial chains, represented by increasing output value, contribute positively to the construction of a resilient global industrial chain supply chain system and promote the efficient and agglomeration development of the characteristic industrial chain supply chain.

In 2022, Lanzhou New District Commercial Investment Group achieved revenue of 124.371 billion yuan, an increase of 13% over the same period last year. Zhongchuan North Railway Station Logistics Park to Fa International train 203, an increase of 62% over the same period last year, two years in a row among the "top 500 Chinese enterprises", ranked 247, up 57 places over 2021; for three consecutive years among the "top 500 Chinese service enterprises", ranked 90th, is the first top 500 enterprises in Lanzhou. Won Gansu Province "moved Gansu Longren proud son" collective nomination award; won "national AAAA logistics enterprises, national logistics industry advanced collective, 2020 national logistics industry anti-epidemic advanced enterprises, western logistics top 100 enterprises" and other honorary titles of more than 20 national and provincial and ministerial level, which is a new benchmark for Gansu Province to open to the west.