Do well the work of safety in production and firmly hold the bottom line of safety development.

2021-05-26 164

On May 25, Ju Baoqing, party committee secretary and chairman of Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group, presided over a special meeting on production safety. Members of the group's leading group, heads of subsidiaries and departments attended the meeting. 

At the meeting, Lian Feipeng, deputy general manager of the group, conveyed and studied the spirit of documents such as Ren Zhenhe's speech at the teleconference of the whole (expanded) Provincial Security Committee, the urgent notice of the General Office of the Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial Government on further strengthening Security work, and Li Dongxin's speech at the Lanzhou New area Sub-meeting of the whole (expanded) teleconference of the Provincial Security Committee. Wang Jianmin arranged and deployed the work related to production safety of the Commercial Investment Group. 

The meeting pointed out that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the beginning of the 14th five-year Plan. All units should raise their political positions and deeply absorb the painful lessons of the Jingtai public safety incident and the 5.8 falling accident of the Zhongke City project in Lanzhou New area. We should earnestly unify our thoughts and actions with General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on production safety. Take preventing and defusing major safety risks, grasping safety in production, and realizing safety development as major political responsibilities and the concrete embodiment of strengthening "four consciousness", strengthening "four self-confidence", and achieving "two maintenance", and continuously strengthen bottom line thinking. enhance the sense of hardship, effectively investigate and eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents with a high degree of political consciousness and solid and meticulous measures, and ensure the stability and order of production safety. 

Jubaoqing requires: first, all units should establish a firm concept of accident prevention, based on the current situation, comprehensively investigate and deal with all kinds of safety hidden dangers in combination with the three-year safety special rectification action being carried out, and study and formulate measures to get to the root of the problem in the long run, earnestly enhance the level of essential safety, and resolutely build a solid line of defense. Second, all units should adhere to the principle of horizontal to edge and vertical to the end, carry out full coverage of security hidden dangers, full chain, and dragnet investigation and rectification, ensure seamless coverage, do not leave dead corners, comprehensively find hidden problems, and really find out the hidden dangers correctly and completely. make sure you know what's going on. Third, we should take safety training as a starting point, strengthen safety awareness, learn accident prevention and control and emergency handling measures through online and offline training, and effectively enhance the ability of safety supervisors to deal with emergencies. Fourth, to strengthen emergency management, all units should further establish and improve the emergency rescue management mechanism, and formulate and improve emergency plans in the light of their organizational management system, production scale, and the characteristics of possible accidents, to ensure that in the event of an accident can respond quickly and rescue properly. Fifth, to strengthen the responsibility of cadres in performing their duties, all units should tighten their responsibilities, transmit pressure in place, highlight the supervision of key areas, key parts, key links, key periods, key personnel, and key equipment in the whole process, and deal with key hidden dangers in the whole chain. 

After the meeting, the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of the Group, in accordance with the "Safety production Inspection Plan", carried out a week-long inspection of hidden dangers in production throughout the company to ensure that the hidden dangers were eliminated in the bud. 

Human life is at stake in production safety, and it is a great responsibility! Under the strong leadership of the Administrative Committee of the Party work Committee of the New District, Shang Investment Group will continue to practice the principle of "people first and life first" and turn the achievements of party history study and education into a powerful driving force to promote emergency management to a new level. to achieve a new improvement in the management ability and essential safety level of production safety, ensure the continuous stability and improvement of production safety situation, and create a safe production environment for the group's "hundreds of billions" goal. To create a stable and harmonious atmosphere for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.