In-depth study on the practical in Colleges to reserve cross-border e-commerce talents of Lanzhou Ne

2021-05-26 447

In order to further deepen the omni-directional cooperation between enterprises and colleges and universities, and promote the combination of theory and practice of students majoring in international economics and trade. Recently, at the invitation of the teacher of International Economics and Trade of Lanzhou University of Technology, the Comprehensive Insurance Zone Company of Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group conducted a training program entitled "opening a new racetrack to the west and cross-border e-commerce to accelerate the development of Belt and Road Initiative" for students and some teachers majoring in international economics and trade. 

In class, Zhang Yuan, a staff member of the cross-border e-commerce department, combined with his practical experience and rational thinking in e-commerce work, closely followed the actual needs of students and the degree of mastery of professional knowledge, and reasonably designed the training content and training links. Through humorous and humorous language, it is easy to understand the concept of cross-border e-commerce, the relevant policies, the main types involved and the development of China (Lanzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental area. and through the question and answer session to answer students' questions in time. The course is rich in content, various forms, profound and simple, and strong logic. it organically combines professional theory with practical business, and has been highly appraised and warmly welcomed by the students. 

This lecture is a microcosm of the continuous deepening cooperation between Commercial Investment Group and colleges and universities, which really achieves the sharing of information and resources between schools and enterprises, and realizes the organic combination of students' theoretical knowledge learned in school with the practical experience of enterprises. so that schools and enterprises in the platform, technology, personnel training and other aspects to achieve complementary advantages.  

Next, the Commercial Investment Group will continue to deepen its contact with Lanzhou University of Technology, train college students through the company's industry talents, provide cross-border e-commerce visit bases for universities, and in turn, university teachers train business personnel. college teachers and students promote cross-border e-commerce platform and other ways, combined with their own experience in the development of trade and logistics, try their best to provide school-enterprise cooperation services for all kinds of universities in Gansu Province and Lanzhou New area. To contribute to the cultivation of cross-border e-commerce professionals.

It is reported that the Commercial Investment Group has always taken talent training and scientific and technological innovation as its goal, closely focused on the normalization of talent training, and regarded the construction of industrial workers as an important support and basic guarantee for the strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents, innovation-driven and high-quality development. Up to now, Lei Feng team and equipment operation and maintenance innovation studio have been set up according to the actual business areas and business plate, and five innovative working groups such as financial fine management have been set up in the financial department.