CTLI Group Linxia Fenglin Cross-border Commodity Experience Center opens

2021-05-24 640

On May 21, Lanzhou New Area CTLI Group and Linxia Fenglin Group jointly created the "Linxia Fenglin Cross-border Commodity Experience Center" grand opening.

Fenglin Group is a wholly state-owned enterprise under the Linxia Municipal Party Committee and Government. It specializes in operating the "Grand View Garden"-Bafang 13 Alley, known as Hezhou ethnic folk culture business card and ethnic architectural art. "Linxia Fenglin Cross-border Commodity Experience Center" is the first cross-border commodity experience center in Linxia. It is located in the scenic area of Bafang and 13 Alleys. It is divided into 5 pavilions: light luxury pavilion, beauty pavilion, maternal and child pavilion, food pavilion, and home furnishing pavilion. , Displaying a series of best-selling products from various countries, such as big-name cosmetics, luxury goods, maternal and child products, snacks, etc. in Europe, Central Asia, West Asia and Southeast Asia.

In this cooperation, the commercial and logistics influence of the CTLI group is superimposed on the regional advantages of the Fenglin Group, and the successful exploration of the integrated development of cross-border commerce and tourism consumption has broadened the CTLI group's entire industrial chain of purchase, sales and transportation. The cross-regional cooperation in the commodity business has accelerated the progress of the CTLI group and the cultural and tourism enterprises in the province's expansion, and also helped the Fenglin group to further promote the Bafang 13 Alley scenic area and even Linxia Prefecture’s full-category, international cross-border products The upgrading and development of the consumer industry allows the people of Linxia to scour out the world's finest goods at their doorsteps.

In the next step, both the CTLI group and Fenglin group will give full play to their respective resource advantages, deepen the scope and mode of cooperation, accelerate the layout of specialty pavilions such as seafood pavilions, and comprehensively create design plan guidance, product selection and supply, brand marketing services, and team training output. Such professional and standardized procurement supply chain operation samples have laid a good foundation for cross-border commodity experience stores to flourish in Linxia Prefecture, and also set a model for the coordinated development of Lanzhou New Area and Linxia City.

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