Lanzhou University and CTLI Group to Aarry out Political Construction Cooperation

2022-05-31 36

On May 19th, Gong Changrui, director of the Department of Ideological and Politics of The School of Marxism of Lanzhou University, visited Lanzhou New Area for investigation. Dang Xiaolu, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the Commercial Investment Group, accompanied the investigation and presided over a symposium.The two sides had in-depth communication and exchanges on ideological and political work of enterprises, ideological construction of enterprise employees, ideological and political education and training, and construction of ideological and political work under the new situation, and signed a cooperation agreement on ideological and political construction of enterprises.


School of marxism, Lanzhou university will give full play to the professional advantages, provide effective ideological and political education services, powerful ideological and political education training, professional party brand construction consulting services, to help business group to establish enterprise ideological and political construction system, boost the harmonious and stable development of business group.It is hoped that the two sides can further promote all-round strategic school-enterprise cooperation, continue to deepen the integration of industry and education, deepen the school-enterprise platform of "industry, university and research" through co-construction and sharing, complementary advantages, mutual development and mutual benefit, and comprehensively gather the overall joint force of high-quality leap-forward development.