Make up for the shortcomings, strengthen the weak points, and do a good job in the "combination of p

2022-09-20 13

Since the implementation of the three-year action on the reform of state-owned enterprises, Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group has always regarded deepening reform as the core driving force to promote the high-quality development of enterprises, and played a good "combined fist" in the reform of state-owned enterprises. it has played a leading and supporting role in the trade and logistics industry in Lanzhou New area, has entered the top 500 of China's service industry for three consecutive years, and has been listed among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for two years.

Recently, in order to further consolidate the achievements of the reform of state-owned enterprises, Lanzhou New District Commercial Investment Group adheres to the problem orientation, makes up the weaknesses, strengthens the bottom board, and promotes the advantages, and formulates the "high-quality work plan and task list of the three-year action for the reform of state-owned enterprises". A special promotion meeting was held to comprehensively summarize the completion of the three-year action of the reform, carefully examine the existing problems and weaknesses, and make detailed arrangements for all kinds of closing work. All units are required to make up for the gap, target and tackle key problems, promote the reform to achieve results that can stand the test of practice, and ensure a comprehensive and high-quality conclusion by the end of 2022.

The reform of state-owned enterprises is a systematic work, which is related to all aspects of the operation and development of enterprises. Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group goes all out to win the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, and all functional departments and subsidiaries will take the initiative, adhere to problem orientation, make up for gaps in a timely manner, overcome difficulties, boldly explore, break through and innovate, and pay close attention to the quality and effectiveness of reform tasks.

By focusing on policies, improving the position, focusing on key points, compacting responsibilities, focusing on problems, grasping rectification and reform, focusing on achievements, strengthening propaganda and other work ideas, Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group will set the quasi-reform direction, strengthen the reform motivation, and optimize the reform methods. we will resolutely complete the three-year action task of state-owned enterprise reform.

In the specific work, the main leaders of Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group will earnestly assume the responsibility of the first person responsible for the reform, personally deploy, personally promote, and personally "go out" to the high-quality closing work, study reform issues in a timely manner, coordinate and solve key and difficult problems, and coordinate and solve key and difficult problems. Members of the leading group will implement the "contract system" for key and difficult tasks and weak points, equipped with elite troops and strong men, organize special classes to attack fortified positions, and complete them with high quality in a limited time. All subsidiaries and departments will fully implement the "military writ", fight on wall charts, run meters and time, prescribe the right remedy to the problems and causes in the process of advance, and target treatment.

At the same time, the Commercial Investment Group will carry out in-depth "looking back", comprehensively review the task desk accounts, strictly carry out self-inspection and on-the-spot supervision, timely check and fill gaps, make a list of existing weaknesses, and clear the sales number one by one. Strict assessment standards, notification of assessment results, and included in the annual work assessment, the task of promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises is "measurable, testable, and effective."

According to reports, the Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group will continue to carry out in-depth work of "learning and promoting", organize learning and training, strengthen supervision, inspection, assessment and evaluation, achieve supervision and promotion of reform, promote evaluation through examination, cultivate carefully, and make every effort to tackle key problems. Through the establishment of a long-term institutional mechanism, the reform of state-owned enterprises will be regarded as a regular work, constantly improving the quality and items of reform, and promoting the high-quality development of the group.