For the first time, Lanzhou New Area has adopted whole-process road transportation to carry out cros

2022-09-22 263

On September 8, full of auto parts, tires of heavy trucks from the new district comprehensive bonded zone, this batch by Lanzhou new district enterprise western Gansu lu jie international supply chain co., LTD. And jie when logistics co., LTD. Joint goods, in the whole process of road transportation through la pass, eventually arrived in Russia. This is also the first time that Lanzhou New Area adopts the whole-process road transportation mode to carry out cross-border trade.

The successful delivery of the whole process of road transportation means that the "Belt and Road" international logistics channel of the new district will add a new transportation mode, which will play a positive role in effectively promoting the international logistics efficiency of the high-tech zone and promoting the development of cross-border trade.