The provincial "Women's micro home" in Gansu announced that Chinese oil businessmen devoted themselv

2022-09-27 317

  In order to further promote the construction of grass-roots organizations of Gansu Women's Federation and give full play to the role of cohesion, education and serving the masses of women, after layers of examination, the "Women's micro home"  of CNPC Investment Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was selected as the provincial demonstration "Women's micro home" in Gansu Province.


  Entering the "Women's Micro Home" of China Oil Merchants, a warm home with publicity, education and training, the spread of civilization and fashion, the collection of women's feelings and public opinion, based on post innovation and development, and public welfare volunteer service came into view. The executive committee team has a clear division of labor and various systems are sound. Equipped with book corner, comprehensive activity room and other areas to meet the needs of female workers to continue to learn and enrich themselves, the whole "women's micro home" has complete functions, clean, warm, comfortable, and a strong sense of happiness.
  "since the establishment of the Women's Weijia, we have taken 'connecting with women, serving women, educating women, and safeguarding women's legitimate rights and interests' as the fundamental task, focusing on improving the working mechanism, building various positions, and creating characteristic brands, and innovating to push women's work to a new level." Chai Jing, the parent of the women's micro home, introduced that.

  As an important force in the development of export-oriented economy in Gansu Province, Shang Investment Group has achieved more than 300 times increase in revenue in the past five years since its establishment, and has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for two consecutive years. The Business Investment Group will take the opportunity of the provincial demonstration "women's micro home" to build and make good use of the "home", give full play to the exemplary role, enhance the cohesion and influence of women's federations, and contribute "women's strength" to promote the high-quality development of the group.