Commercial Investment Group "123" goes step by step, playing the strong voice of purchasing manageme

2022-11-28 71

2022 is the key year for the implementation of the 14th five-year Plan, the end of three years of state-owned enterprise reform, and the year for Lanzhou New area Commercial Investment Group to achieve all-round and high-quality development. In September, Commercial Investment Group again ranked 247th on the list of the top 500th Chinese enterprises with an operating income of 97.668 billion yuan, up 57 places from 2021, and presented a generous gift to welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress with excellent papers for high-quality development. Commercial Investment Group firmly grasps the greatest opportunity of "Belt and Road Initiative" construction, promotes high-quality development with new development concepts, revolves around the development layout of "three main industries and eight supports", and strives to climb the slope and strive to be the first in building domestic and international dual-cycle industry ecology. it has developed into a new benchmark for trade and logistics enterprises in Gansu Province.
Commercial Investment Group insists on deepening internal management mechanisms such as personnel, performance and distribution, strengthens internal incentives and constraints, focuses on weaknesses, and innovates procurement management reform. since the establishment of the bidding office in 2019, with the actual measures of "one system, two mechanisms and three major changes", it has initially realized the transformation from "decentralized procurement" to "the combination of centralized and decentralized procurement". The two-way trend from "decentralized supervision" to "centralized and unified supervision" optimizes the business process and enterprise supply chain, and provides a solid guarantee for the operation and development of the group.

First, establish a set of procurement system to lead the standardized development of procurement work.
In the light of the implementation of the system such as the Purchasing Operation Code of State-owned Enterprises and the Government Procurement Law of the people's Republic of China, and the present situation of the development of the group, the Commercial Investment Group adheres to the problem orientation, deeply analyzes and traces its roots, formulates and gradually optimizes the relevant system provisions such as "bidding Management measures" and "Purchasing Management measures", establishes unified system rules from top to bottom, and forms a coordinated and unified bidding procurement system. Weave a dense institutional network, which not only meets the requirements of modern corporate governance, but also meets the actual needs of the development of the group. Adhere to "draw a good red line", standardize the implementation process of key links such as compiling procurement documents, issuing procurement announcements, organizing bid opening review, signing procurement contracts, etc., to achieve democratic decision-making, open operation, controlled process, the whole process on the case, permanent traceability, compliance with the law, improve the efficiency of the group's bidding procurement business, consolidate the risk foundation of integrity, and provide a strong institutional guarantee for the group's high-quality development.

Second, establish two working mechanisms to ensure strict compliance in procurement.
The management mechanism of centralized management and decentralized procurement has been established. Highlight the "centralization and unity, separation of management and management", sort out the responsibilities of the system-wide procurement management and reengineer the process. In the organizational structure, highlight the word "Quan". A procurement management organizational structure covering both the group and its subordinate units has been established. At the group level, set up a procurement leading group, responsible for the organization and leadership of the system-wide procurement; set up a bidding office, responsible for the guidance, inspection and assessment of the system-wide procurement business, as well as the specific implementation of procurement activities at the group level. At the subsidiary level, each unit compiles the purchase plan according to its own production and operation plan, and carries out the purchase on its own after the purchase plan is approved, and each unit is responsible for signing contracts, executing contracts, settlement contracts and management contracts with the contract suppliers. Each unit clearly configures the Purchasing Management Officer to ensure that the responsibilities are interlinked and the goals are implemented one by one.

A supervision mechanism of overall planning and coordination and linkage between the upper and lower levels has been established. We will aim at the weak links of procurement control and constantly strengthen the deep integration of the party's work style, clean government and business supervision. Externally, we should carry out procurement work in strict accordance with the relevant norms on the use of state-owned funds as stipulated in laws and regulations, closely cooperate with the supervision committee and audit work of the discipline Inspection Commission, attach great importance to suggestions on procurement management, and promote the continuous "upgrading" of procurement work. Actively communicate with the competent departments of various industries and straighten out the supervision mode of projects that must be recruited in accordance with the law. Smooth the channels of social dissent, complaints and suggestions to ensure timely and efficient handling. Internally, the legal wind control department will dynamically supervise the compliance of the procurement process in accordance with the law, carry out the combination of "prevention, supervision, and assessment", and constantly improve the "big supervision" pattern of the integration of various means such as inspection and auditing. we will increase audit supervision in the procurement field and push back the implementation of the main responsibility of each link.

Third, realize three important changes and push the procurement work to a higher level.
      The management mode has changed from extensive to centralized. In view of the disadvantages such as incoherent procurement plans and inconsistent standards, a combined model of centralized management, decentralized procurement and centralized procurement is constructed to guide the audit of procurement projects from 549 batches in 2020 to 642 batches in 2021. The purchase amount has increased from 30.5298 million yuan in 2020 to 41.1617 million yuan in 2021, the cost savings have increased from more than 2 million yuan to 5.7722 million yuan per year, and the annual cumulative cost reduction rate has been steadily controlled.

The mode of procurement has changed from single to multiple. Under the premise of compliance, the core concept of "procurement should serve production and management" should give maximum consideration to the lowest quality, efficiency and total cost, so as to maximize procurement benefits. Under the operation structure system of various decentralized procurement modes, such as inquiry procurement, e-commerce procurement, framework agreement procurement, etc., broaden the procurement thinking, and further achieve cost reduction and efficiency efficiency through the integration of resources. In the aspect of centralized procurement, vehicle insurance carries out centralized inquiry procurement after collecting and counting the procurement demand of each unit at the beginning of each month, which further reduces the procurement cost. As of September, the overall average cost of purchasing car insurance this year is about 3733.91 yuan per unit, which is about 48.28% lower than that of the previous decentralized procurement.

Supply chain management changes from static to dynamic. Actively explore the innovation of supply chain management, grasp the dynamic management of suppliers, scientifically, comprehensively and dynamically evaluate the performance of suppliers, and manage the storage of suppliers with strong strength, excellent qualification and good reputation. Timely withdrawal of unqualified suppliers to form a healthy competition mechanism. From 2019 to now, according to the relevant notification documents of Lanzhou New area Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Administration, Lanzhou New area spiritual Civilization Construction steering Committee and the results of internal performance evaluation of the group, a total of 29 suppliers have been dealt with. In 2022, an on-site inspection and evaluation was conducted on the qualifications, business premises, production equipment, technical capacity, staffing and service quality of 14 advertising suppliers in Lanzhou New area and Lanzhou City. Seven high-quality suppliers are included in the group advertising supplier warehouse, which effectively shortens the procurement cycle, reduces the procurement cost and improves the overall efficiency of the company.

The Commercial Investment Group will take the decisive battle to win the three-year action on the reform of state-owned enterprises as an opportunity to strengthen the leadership of the Party and give full play to its institutional advantages in improving corporate governance; take multiple measures to promote "slimming and fitness" and optimize the allocation of resources; improve and improve the market-oriented management mechanism, enhance organizational efficiency, and greet the convening of the 20th CPC National Congress with the actual effect of reform with greater strength, higher quality and better methods.