The province's first imported flaxseed distribution center was put into operation in the New area

2022-11-28 55

Recently, the province's first import flaxseed distribution center was officially put into operation in the Comprehensive Bonded Zone of Lanzhou New Area, adding new impetus to the development of grain and oil industry cluster in the comprehensive bonded zone.

Invested by Gansu Mirang International Trade Co., LTD., the project mainly carries out import, storage, distribution and international trade business of linseed and other oil crops from Kazakhstan and Russia. The implementation of the import flaxseed Distribution Center project in the Comprehensive Bonded Area of Lanzhou New Area is an important measure and beneficial practice for Lanzhou New Area to deeply integrate into the Belt and Road construction and the international and domestic "double cycle" development pattern, and give full play to the role of the comprehensive bonded area and the national import trade promotion innovation demonstration area. It will further boost the development of the grain and oil industry cluster in the comprehensive bonded area. It will play a positive role in promoting import freight trains and bulk allocation of oil crops.