Strive for development -- Lanzhou New Area production and operation, project construction set off a

2023-01-16 23

Recently, two major Gansu science and technology projects with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan have landed in the Green Chemical Industry Park of Lanzhou New Area. The first train of the Yinlan-Lanzhou high-speed Railway departed from Qinwangchuan Station of Lanzhou New Area. People's Daily commentary, Xinhua viewpoint, CCTV news broadcast room, etc., have praised the Lanzhou New Area publicity and implementation of the Party's 20 spirit, a full resumption of work and production, and ahead of schedule to complete the Zhouqu escape relocation task and other key work... In the first year of the full implementation of the Party's 20 Spirit, Lanzhou New Area full of energy for development, set off a new upsurge of production, management and project construction.

Promote consumer sentiment

At the end of the year, Lanzhou New Area, the production workshop accelerated to catch up with the progress, the catering culture and tourism market orderly recovery, the construction of major projects accelerated...... "In the face of the impact of the epidemic and increasing downward economic pressure, the New area has grasped the netball and delivered a high score, with the annual GDP expected to be higher than the 13 percent growth in the first three quarters. To do economic work well next year, in the final analysis, we should work hard and strive for actual results, and promote the implementation of all decisions and arrangements of the provincial economic Work Conference in the New District." Lanzhou New Area economic development Bureau director Su Tian said.


The recent economic work conference of the provincial Party Committee proposed to unleash the potential of consumption to energize economic development. And how to accelerate the release of consumption potential? As early as December 15, 2022, Lanzhou New Area has taken strong measures to restore more than 95 percent of food production and business entities, including supermarkets and restaurants, to meet people's needs for normal life. "I can taste it again. I can feel it again." Walking into Ruiling International Kyoto Shopping Plaza in Lanzhou New District, thick "fireworks" wafted in every corner, and customers came to dine in an endless stream, writing a vivid footnote for the recovery of consumption. On Dec. 29, the "Winter Solstice, Spring Arrival, Yuehui New Area" cultural tourism season opened at the Ice and Snow athletes training base in Lanzhou New Area. Snowboarders raced down the high snow slopes in full gear, eager to enjoy the charm of skiing.

At the beginning of the New Year, the market potential of the New Area continued to be stimulated, the service sector of the three industries became active, and 100 percent of wholesale and retail residential and catering enterprises above designated size fully resumed business. With the pace of the New Year and the Spring Festival approaching, many residents will buy New Year goods on the agenda. On December 29, the daily sales volume of New District Commercial Investment Group's internal shopping meeting exceeded 1.62 million yuan, and the annual revenue reached 125.635 billion yuan, up 14% year on year. Qinchuan Park New Year Goods Festival attracts tens of thousands of residents and tourists to enjoy folk customs, watch performances, buy New Year goods and special products. The thick flavor of the New Year permeates Qinchuan New City. The streets are decorated with lanterns and decorations, and vendors are hawking along the streets.

Investment and production do not stop

At present, the development of the New Area is in an important period of strategic opportunities. As long as we have firm confidence, stay focused, seize the opportunity and work hard, we will surely push the high-quality economic and social development to a new level.


Gansu Hailiang New Energy Material Co., Ltd. manufacturing director Wang Yongqin said: "In response to the call of the government, the solid promotion of the resumption of work and production, on December 15 last year, the company newly recruited more than 120 frontline workers, more than 560 employees on the job at present; It is expected to complete 1,900 tons of production capacity and 150 million yuan of output value this month." From a number of enterprises in the new district full power to catch production, catch orders, to a number of projects to catch sprint, grab the schedule...... Once again, people can see the spirit of enterprising, pioneering and innovative people in the New District, showing the strong resilience and vitality of the new District economy. On the production floor, an aluminium can production line with a capacity of 2m a day is running at full speed; Inside the warehouse, forklifts lift finished products onto trucks for overnight delivery... In recent days, Lanzhou New Area Xinhe can Co., LTD., full speed up the order production. "We will do our best to promote production and management on the basis of good service for employees." Feng Haifeng, deputy general manager of Lanzhou Xinhe Tank Co., LTD., said that all staff are on duty and working overtime to catch up with the production schedule.

Project construction boom

In recent days, Lanzhou New Area carefully organized, precise policies, set up a special working class, do a good job of service guarantee, and try to rescue enterprises, 31 provinces and cities listed major project construction for 3 consecutive quarters of comprehensive evaluation, ranked the first, the annual planned investment of 19.09 billion yuan, by the end of November, has completed the investment of 21.57 billion yuan, reaching 113% of the annual plan.


Into the new district of Lanzhou Hongbin New Energy Development Co., LTD., is confronted with a fiery production scene. Next to the towering factory buildings, excavators and cranes rumble through the yellow earth as workers waste no time burying pipes. Who would have thought that this project signed and landed on the "cloud" in March this year, broke ground in June, only half a year, the first phase of the project has been in trial production. Xu Jiadong, general manager of the company's infrastructure, said this is mainly due to Lanzhou New Area's ability to balance precision of epidemic prevention and control with uninterrupted production development. Machine roar, Xu Jiadong looked at the mobile phone calendar, "the first batch of customers have inspected the project situation, the follow-up order is under negotiation." He said that the market competition of graphitized materials and anode materials for lithium batteries produced by enterprises is fierce, and the target customers are large enterprises at home and abroad. Only by grasping the progress, can the early results be achieved. Gansu Lanzhou Chemical Technology Co., LTD., in Lanzhou New Area Green Chemical Industry Park, has experienced the changes brought about by optimized epidemic prevention and control measures, as raw materials and customers are "out at both ends". The logistics efficiency has been accelerated, and the production and sales of the company have been significantly improved. Outside the rumbling workshop, Gong Hongquan, general manager of the enterprise, said that up to now this year, the output value of the enterprise has broken 92 million yuan, "or continue to sprint, for this year to break 100 million yuan."