"Red Engine" boosts economy They do "first thing of the New Year" in Lanzhou New Area

2023-01-29 24

At the beginning of the New Year, Lanzhou New Area Commercial Investment Group starts from the work of Party building, starts from the business of Party building, persists in profound summary, early planning, timely deployment, and vigorous implementation, actively plays the leading role of Party building, focuses on stabilizing posts and resuming work, project promotion, element guarantee, livelihood guarantee and other aspects, grabs the opportunity and does the "first thing of the New Year" at full speed. The "red engine" has successfully launched 2023 economic development, sounding the "rallying signal" for a new journey and high-quality development.


Major projects do not stop in winter. In recent days, Lanzhou New Area opened to the west of the new hub multimodal transport demonstration project -- Zhongchuan North Station multimodal transport facilities improvement project in order to ensure delivery on schedule, to overcome winter construction difficulties, carefully organized, inverted schedule, reasonable arrangement of human and material resources of the construction site, to promote the project construction speed and quality and efficiency, strive to achieve a "good start" in the first quarter. It is reported that the main body of the Lanzhou New Area multimodal freight yard project has been completed, the overall construction is 95% complete, is expected to be completed in June 2023. The remaining decoration works, equipment installation and commissioning and the remaining finishing work are being carried out in the multimodal transport facility upgrading project of Zhongchuan North Station, and the preparation work for unit project acceptance is being carried out simultaneously. The multimodal transportation reconstruction and expansion project of Gaojiazhuang Station has completed all the construction contents, and the pre-acceptance of 7 units has been completed. At present, the preparatory work for the end of the project and completion acceptance is under way.


Elements guarantee escort. To promote high-quality development, the key lies in the project, the project support and the project hope. Commercial Investment Group adheres to the project as the center to organize and carry out economic work, seize the major policy opportunities such as the new land transferred by Lanzhou New Area Administrative Committee, and adhere to the "early planning, deep planning, detailed and solid", to make solid reserve work and improve the quality of land reserve. Centering on the concept of "supported, practical and effective", the promotion mechanism of special working group should be established to strengthen the demonstration of new projects such as Xiaoheng Road gas Station, strengthen the support of capital, land, energy and other factors, and do the preliminary work to ensure the early implementation of the project, start work as soon as possible, and make the project mature. At the same time, we will focus on solving the problem of "how to transform and implement", strengthen efforts to strive for and attract investment, give full play to the role of state-owned enterprises, make good use of industrial funds, steadily carry out capital investment, coordinate the timing of project implementation, and gather a strong force to seize large projects and projects.

Adequate and orderly security for people's livelihood. As the epidemic situation gets better, the order of production and life is recovering at a faster pace, economic and social vitality is recovering at a faster pace, and the consumer market continues to grow steadily. In addition, with the Spring Festival approaching, China Commercial Investment Group adheres to the principle of "speaking politics, taking the overall situation into consideration, and ensuring people's livelihood", and regards the work of ensuring people's livelihood and supply as an important political task at present. Based on the work of stabilizing the supply and demand during the early period of the epidemic, China Commercial Investment Group plans ahead and organizes carefully, and strives to provide a more comprehensive, solid and reliable guarantee of state-owned enterprises for people's better life. The Group's 80 taxis have been upgraded with unified gear upgrading and "new clothing", replacing the original Geely Emgrand models with the more comfortable Volkswagen Lavidas. At the same time, the on-board intelligent terminals and ceiling lights have been upgraded. Both the comfort of interior riding and the operation convenience of equipment have been qualitatively improved, providing passengers with a more comfortable ride experience. With a high sense of responsibility that "ensuring oil and gas supply is ensuring people's livelihood, and ensuring people's livelihood is ensuring stability", the group's five gas refueling stations have coordinated and taken multiple measures to strengthen the work of oil and gas supply, and adhered to the work of ensuring oil and gas supply this winter, next year and spring. According to statistics, since New Year's Day, China oil merchant refueling station received more than 30,000 times, sales of 962 tons of oil products, sales of 274 tons of natural gas. At the same time to accelerate the pace of Xiaoheng Road gas station construction project, to ensure that in 2023 for Lanzhou New Area to add a gas station. And Lanzhou New District import commodity Wholesale Center in the grand opening of "three living things" after the third staff shopping, quickly opened the "New Year goods Festival" activity, all categories of goods discounted by 20, at the same time to carry out registration gifts, full gifts, drawing gifts and other wonderful activities, diversified promotion will allow more consumers to enjoy the real affordable high shopping experience.

The sun and moon open new dollars, Vientiane new chapter. In 2023, Lanzhou New Area Commercial Investment Group will, under the inspiration of the Party's 20 Great spirit and the guidance of "One Belt and One Road", deepen opening-up, gather project investment, activate development momentum, reinforce development advantages, consolidate development chassis, accelerate platform development, upgrade logistics industry, and make great progress in enterprise growth, so as to make a good start. Win the first win of the first season of "stabilizing the beginning, recovering and leveling, and then continuing wonderful".