The first international freight train shipment of the New Year is off to a good start

2023-01-16 23

On January 1, the first China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan combined railway international train in Lanzhou New Area departed from the railway port of Lanzhou New Area, bound for Zaravshan, Uzbekistan. This is also the first international train in Lanzhou New Area in the New Year, ushering in a "good start" for the international train operation in Lanzhou New Area.


It is understood that the train, built by Lugang Company of Gansu Logistics Group and Lanzhou Himalaya Company, adopts container transportation throughout the whole process. The cargo transported is wind power equipment made in Gansu. The cargo weighs 260 tons and is worth 3.5 million yuan. The train was sent from Lanzhou New Area railway port, transported by rail to Kashgar, Xinjiang, and then transferred by road from Ilkshtan port to Kyrgyzstan and finally to Zaravshan, Uzbekistan. Compared with the traditional route at Khorgos port in Xinjiang, the length of the route is nearly 500 kilometers shorter and the whole journey time can be saved by 3 to 5 days. The opening of this channel can effectively integrate the advantages of railway transport and road transport, and open up a new international trade logistics channel to Eurasia for Lanzhou New Area. It provides more options for improving the East-west two-way opening-up pattern, opening up new ways of international trade, and boosting Gansu manufacturing to "go global". It is of great significance to promote Lanzhou New Area to participate in the "double cycle" joint development.

The person in charge of Lanzhou New Area Commerce, Culture and Tourism Bureau said that it would take this freight train shipment as an opportunity to improve the operation quality of the international freight transport channel that has been opened, promote the expansion of the cargo source of the international freight train, continue to promote the diversification of overseas channels, open up new transportation channels, expand the radiation range of the international freight train, and promote the formation of a channel network pattern of "smooth and efficient, multi-direction extension, sea and land interconnection". To improve the quality of foreign trade services, industrial chain and supply chain stability to provide security.