Expand Xinjiang energy storage "source" gold CTLI Group visit friends and seek common development

2023-05-19 107


Successfully signed a million tons of thermal coal purchase and sales contract, understand the coal, mineral products, energy and other industries, plan the precious metal industry chain and import and export trade, dig alumina, aluminum ingot, coal, mineral products and other trade and logistics industry cooperation opportunities, butt coal, silicon electricity and new material business...... CTLI Group (hereinafter referred to as "CTLI Group") recently took the initiative to "go out", further expand business territory, and join hands with all the leading enterprises in Xinjiang to seek high-quality development together.

CTLI Group, Air Group Party Secretary, chairman Ju Baoqing led the team. Recently, the team visited Xinjiang Energy Group Co., LTD., Xinjiang Oriental Hope New Energy Co., LTD., Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone Construction Investment and Development (Group) Co., LTD., Tebian Electric Engineering Co., LTD., and other leading enterprises in the industry and region without stopping, and conducted exchanges and negotiations on business cooperation in coal, mineral products and non-ferrous metals.


"Xinjiang has a vast territory and rich resources. By virtue of the advantages of Xinjiang Energy Group in coal, mineral products and energy channels and CTLI Group's complete coal supply, marketing, logistics and transportation network in South and North China, both sides can fully tap the cooperation potential of 'Xinjiang coal outbound transportation' and further deepen cooperation in coal and mineral products." In Xinjiang Energy Group, Jubaoqing and his delegation had an in-depth understanding of the specific situation of its coal, mineral products, energy and other industries. Both sides agreed in the discussion and exchange that they would strive to achieve coal trade volume of more than 5 million tons this year on the basis of completing coal trade volume of nearly 2 million tons in 2022.

During this visit, CTLI Group and Urumqi Jingkai District Construction and Investment Group successfully signed a purchase and sales contract of 1 million tons of thermal coal, marking the official launch of the thermal coal business of both parties, and laying a solid foundation for more business cooperation in the future. The two sides agreed to continue to strengthen exchanges in coal business, trade logistics, state-owned assets operation and other sectors, give full play to their respective advantages, two-way communication, and expand cooperation space in industrial upgrading, supply chain development and other areas.

In the discussion and exchange with Wang Ju, Standing Committee of Kashgar Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, the two sides communicated earnestly on the development of the precious metal industry chain, agreed to focus on the supply of raw materials, recycling of used gold, exhibition and sale of ethnic gold ornaments and import and export trade cooperation, and continued to explore new cooperation paths, focusing on Kashgar's rich precious metal resources and Lanzhou New Area precious metal refinery.

During his visit to Xinjiang Oriental Hope New Energy Co., LTD., Jubaoqing fully communicated with the company's general manager Wang Shilong and others on the current enterprise development status and business cooperation. Both parties intend to agree that, relying on the industrial layout of Xinjiang Oriental Hope New Energy Co., LTD., we will explore cooperation opportunities in alumina, aluminum ingot, coal, mineral products and other trade and logistics industries, and jointly build a cooperation platform with complementary advantages, resource sharing and long-term mutual promotion.

His delegation also visited Tebian Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to conduct business connection in the fields of coal and silicon electricity and new materials.

In recent years, with the deepening of the "Belt and Road" and "Western Development" strategies, Xinjiang, as the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, has become increasingly prominent as a hub. CTLI Group will actively respond to the strategic layout of "coal transportation from North to South" and "Xinjiang coal transportation abroad", accelerate the pace of "going out", deepen cooperation with leading enterprises in Xinjiang in coal, oil and gas, mineral products, agricultural products, non-ferrous metal trade and logistics industry, and realize high-quality leap-forward development of the group.