Exchange ideas and explore ways to learn from each other for development

2023-05-19 120

On May 9, Li Hongbo and his delegation from Urumqi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Development, Investment, Construction and Operation Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Urumqi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Development Company") visited CTLI Group. CTLI Group Huida Company General Manager Fu Qiyin presided over the meeting, relevant business leaders attended.


At the symposium, Fu Qiyin warmly welcomed the visit of Li Hongbo and his delegation, and introduced in detail the location, platform advantages of Lanzhou New Area, the development history of CTLI Group, industrial layout and other relevant information. He said that Urumqi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone is an important international logistics center and regional international trade center in Northwest China, and Urumqi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Development Company has rich experience in the operation and management of the free trade zone and international trade. He hoped that both sides could seize the opportunity of the construction of "One Belt and One Road" and take the opportunity of the discussion and exchange to share superior resources. We will deepen exchanges and cooperation in trade, logistics and state-owned assets operation, and jointly open a new chapter in the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises.

According to Li Hongbo, CTLI Group has been listed as one of China's top 500 enterprises for two consecutive years. In 2022, CTli Group achieved a revenue of 124.371 billion yuan, with strong asset scale and sound development momentum. During this visit, Urumqi Comprehensive Protected Area Development Company truly felt the strong momentum of development of Lanzhou New Area and CTLI Group, exchanged and learned excellent experience of CTLI Group in operation and development, risk prevention and control, investment and financing, and benefited a lot. It is hoped that the two sides will establish a long-term communication mechanism, learn from each other's advanced experience in reform and development, realize multi-dimensional complementarity and linkage, and work together to grow bigger, better and stronger.

Gansu and Xinjiang are brother provinces linked by mountains and rivers, as well as by lips and teeth. Recently, Ju Baoqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of CTLI Group, led the team to take the initiative to "go out" to Xinjiang to carry out investment promotion and exchange activities, and reached consensus on import and export trade, supply chain and industrial chain development with a group of leading enterprises in Xinjiang. The "entry" of Urumqi Comprehensive Protected Area Development Company marks a new stage of cooperation and exchange between the two sides, and a new chapter has been opened.


After the meeting, Li Hongbo and his delegation visited the Logistics Park of Zhongchuan North Railway Station in Lanzhou New Area, Lanzhou New Area Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Lanzhou New Area Import Commodity Wholesale Center, etc.