CTLI Group selects the world's good things. Go to Wanda Mao to buy them.

2023-05-29 176

On the morning of May 27th, CTLI Group's imported boutique new retail brand "Sea Whale Selection" entered Lanzhou Wanda Mao. Fu Qiyin, general manager of CTLI Group Huida Asset Management Company, and Shen Yi, general manager of Lanzhou Wanda Mao, jointly held the unveiling ceremony for Wanda Mao flagship store of "Sea Whale Selection".


"Sea Whale Selection" is a flagship brand of imported products and a new cross-border retail platform created by CTLI Group. The opening of Wanda Mao's first brand flagship store in Lanzhou is a key deployment to thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the province's "three grasping and three promoting" actions, and actively practice the strategic expansion of CTLI Group's "going out" business. It is also an important step for Lanzhou New District Import Commodity Wholesale Center to promote the operation upgrade and pragmatically land a new retail strategy.

Jin Ming, the person in charge of the Import Commodity Wholesale Center in Lanzhou New District, introduced that the first brand flagship store launched the brand-new brand "Sea Whale Selection", and laid out two stores in Wanda Mao, Lanzhou, which were located on the east side of the second floor of the theme commercial shopping street and the core section of the subway corridor of Shen' an Bridge South Station of Metro Line 1, forming a "one big and one small" linkage management pattern, with a business area of over 400㎡ and a display of 3,000 imported boutique SKUs, covering beauty, alcohol, maternal and child.


Zhang Xiaoqiang, the manager of Wanda Mao flagship store, said that the store takes online and offline integration of new retail as the main mode, shares the passenger flow of Wanda Mao's five theme parks offline, and integrates the daily marketing activities of shopping malls, so that consumers can not only purchase in person, but also place orders online through WeChat applet and enjoy home delivery service; At the same time, there is a special e-commerce live broadcast room, and the sales staff can provide consumers with online and offline full-scene consumption experience, thus creating a new retail flagship store with online and offline integration.


During the opening period, we launched a number of rich and affordable promotional activities, including "gifts in store", "pre-stored courtesy", "birthday gift for pet powder", "limited purchase of special explosive products" and "full discount" to thank and give back to new and old customers with excellent imported goods and brand-new retail shopping experience.

On the opening day, Wanda Mao flagship store, which was purchased by sea whales, attracted a large number of consumers to come to experience punching cards. Ms. Li, who buys goods, said that she usually likes to buy some imported products on the Internet, such as cosmetics, mother and baby, daily necessities, etc., but she is worried about product quality. The new "online+offline" retail store "Sea Whale Selection" is not only favorable in price, but also guaranteed in quality. I also pay attention to the online shopping mall. When I don't have time to shop in the store, I can also buy it online.

Next, Lanzhou New District Import Commodity Wholesale Center will give full play to the business advantages of "overseas procurement, bonded stocking, selected products and state-owned enterprise guarantee", focus on imported fine products and superior products, and accelerate the construction of new retail stores with imported fine products as the model of "choosing new retail flagship stores by buying whales from the sea" to provide consumers with more and better new experiences and services.