SAUBOTA Brand Camel Milk

2020-08-10 1294

On June 12th, SAUBOTA brand camel milk powder from Kazakhstan arrived in Lanzhou New area free trade zone . The first batch of 7000 cans of camel milk powder will be sold online through the cross-border e-commerce platform of the Lanzhou New area Import Commodity Wholesale Center . This is the first time that Kazakhstan's dairy products have entered the Northwestern China market.


The first batch of imported camel milk powder was purchased by Lanzhou New District Commercial Investment Group in the cross-border e-commerce bonded stock model. In April, the two sides reached cooperation and signed a contract in the mode of bonded cargo storage for cross-border e-commerce. After that, they overcame many difficulties such as blocked international logistics and soaring transportation costs. the goods were shipped from Karaganda, Kazakhstan on June 5th, passed through the Khorgos port, and inspected at the Lanzhou New area free trade zone on June 12th.

The import of camel milk powder is a major breakthrough in Gansu Province's opening to the outside world and deepening deep cooperation with the countries along the "Belt and Road ". It not only plays the role of location advantage, strategic channel and platform function of Lanzhou New area free trade zone, but also promotes the export-oriented economic development of Lanzhou New area, which further highlights the strategic advantage of Gansu Province's opening to the west.