JD Auto Mall

2020-07-28 1097

On June 5th , the opening ceremony for JD Auto Mall of Lanzhou New Area Commerce Trade & Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as: CTLI group) and the Northwest Region Investment Promotion Conference opened grandly.


It is reported that JD Auto Mall of CTLI group covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters. It is a strategic cooperation project between CTLI group and JD Auto Mall in terms of sinking marketing channels, optimizing resource allocation, improving service experience and so on. A standardized car service 7S shop that integrates vehicle sales, repair and maintenance, modification, spare parts monopoly, decoration, auto finance, second-hand car transaction, etc., was established. With the business philosophy--based on the New Area and radiating to the Northwest, this Auto Mall aims to create an offline distribution center and the terminal sales system, providing consumers with a new unbounded retail experience of “unlimited scenes, boundless goods, uninterrupted people and enterprises”.

JD Auto Mall of CTLI group has launched a series of preferential promotion policies with a number of auto manufacturers and dealers, and also has a number of exclusive special discount models to benefit consumers, covering dozens of domestic and foreign first-line brand models such as BMW, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lincoln, etc., from the US, Japan, Germany and Italy.

This cooperation combined with the brand advantage of JD.com and the regional influence of CTLI group, further strengthening the trust of the Auto Mall in the consumer market. At the same time, the mall has gathered the resources from the two parties and other major car companies, providing a more comprehensive supply of car sources and more favorable purchase prices than their counterparts. Also, the mall provides a variety of products and flexible financial services, reducing consumer's car cost.

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